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Bainbridge Reunion 2016

The next USS Bainbridge reunion is being planned for Springfield IL for June 5th through the 9th 2016. Springfield, is the Capital of Illinois and is located in the center of the state. Air travel is available from United, American, and Allegiant Air Lines. Amtrak is also a travel option. Springfield’s most famous past President is Abraham Lincoln who lived there from 1837 until being elected President in 1861. Major tourist attractions are historic sites connected with Lincoln. Shipmates Jerry Fulk (who attended the USS Walke reunion in Springfield in 2014) and John Browning report planning is in the very early stages.No contracts have been signed yet but negotiations are being held with the Northfield Inn. Tentative venues being discussed with the Convention and Visitors Bureau are The President Abraham Lincoln Museum, Lin-coln’s home, the State Capital, Lincoln’s Tomb, Memorial service at the Veteran’s Memorial, New Salem State Park, The Lincoln-Herndon Law Office and the Dana Thomas house. Persons coming early or wishing to stay late will be able to do so at the hotel’s discount rate. This would allow for visiting sights that will not fit our schedule.

Please start your planning now.

Editor’s Note: Additional information about the reunion will be in the Winter 2016 newsletter published in the January/February timeframe.





Welcome to the USS Bainbridge DLG(N)25/CG(N)25 Association web page. This page is to provide information to those who served aboard Bainbridge. We hope you will sign the roster, look for and reconnect with a former shipmate, and then plan to attend a reunion.

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